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 Roversi, P. (1994). Jean Paul Gaultier. Paris: Musee des Beaux-Arts Montreal, P.270
These fashion images are from an exhibition collection book of a fashion design, Jean Paul Gaultier. When a garment stands on its own, it's just an object, purely a commodity, but when it's worn by someone, the story each garment tells is different based on how it's being portrayed. When I look at these editorial, I feel like these garments have lives of their own. For the top image, the glowing shadow makes it seems as if the dress itself is moving like a butterfly on the model's body. The butterfly dress is not just a Halloween costume but rather is a work of art reflecting the texture of the flies beautifully. Likewise, the tube dress on its own is probably for a halloween or some nostalgia party look. When it's worn on a guy, who's holding a cigarette in his hand, the dress is suddenly not made for a woman but for a man. He looks very classy despite the fact that he's wearing a dress with weird pointy breasts coming out. Fashion image in this case is probably best described as artwork because it tells a story, but it can also be seen as artistic advertisement, which creates a consumer desire of these garments.

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