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Victoria’s Secret, (2014). Invitations. http://nypost.com/2014/10/31/victorias-secret-perfect-body-campaign-sparks-backlash/ (Accessed 24 Oct. 2015).

Victoria's Secret sells lingeries. For the ad campaign, their 'angel' models are posing like they're having fun in lingeries with the caption, 'the perfect body'. The brand is trying to communicate to the audience that these models have the ideal body because they are wearing VS products. How the models interact with each other is very casual like they're comfortable showing off their bodies to each other. How the message is has come across to the public can cause many girls, who are bigger, to feel insecure about their own bodies and can even lead to a more concerned problems like anorexia. In the 21st Centuries, media doesn't present reality, but stimulates it. This is why, there was a controversy regarding this campaign because everybody's perception of a 'perfect' body is different. 

Fashion products are being sold and bought, and in order to do so, the media plays a big role into getting the message the companies are trying to get across to their audience. They have to stimulate the reality, creating a setting, for the public to turn attention to them. Therefore, what is representing in the screen, is being made for the purpose of advertisement, which may or may not always be true.

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