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Back in 2009, chavs were adopting the famous Burberry check into their own clothing that could be found anywhere in cheap prices. The association with chavs and Burberry caused bad reputation to Burberry itself because its identity has been compared to young, lower class people whereas the brand itself is an English heritage known to be worn by people who are well-off. 
There's no clear reason why chavs do what they do, but what's clear is that they're being rebellious. They are trying to tell the world that you don't need to be someone to wear Burberry check, anybody can wear the check pattern whether it's real or not. According to the Daily Mail, "luxury is exclusive or it isn’t luxury at all (Ostler, 2014)." When the exclusive pattern is being made available to everyone and is mass produced, the core value disappears as people no longer need to pay the same amount as they did before to the check scarf they could get for ten times cheaper.
This is why fashion is transience. It changes in order for the customers to be able to be distinctive from other people and for the business to keep going.

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