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Why are people willing to buy the same white t-shirt in a much higher price when the only thing added is the label? Whether it's a plain t-shirt from T by Alexandr Wang or from Uniqlo, why are we willing to pay for the more expensive brand even though the quality are the same, if not, less. 

It's a statement one's trying to make. The feeling of wearing a 'brand' t-shirt is what the business is aiming for. The brands are making clothes that's wearable for everyday life, but because they're brand names, they are able to sell the normal t-shirts in high prices. The brand identity is so strong that the customers know that if they wear Moschino t-shirts, they are going to be viewed as stylish and financially doing well person. "What counts above all is communicative value, the sign function, the philosophy, the ‘lifestyle’ conveyed by a given item (Calefato, 2006)" For example, the above image shows Moschino by Jeremy Scott T-shirt. A white tee with screen printed statement about the brand. The person, who chooses to buy or wear it, is probably making a statement that "look at me! I'm wearing a Moschino tee". The idea of brand identity is the key that indicates fashion is indeed a commodity. It could be compared to art and design, but at the end of the day, somebody is making the money. 

In contrary, for people who aren't that well of, to be purchasing a Chanel bag from the boutiques, they could buy a similar Chanel bag in the fake market. They could feel confident by carrying a brand name bag without having to spend as much although it's obvious when somebody is using fake product. The existence of fake market comes from fashion as commodity that not everybody can afford and therefore, the smaller business feels the need to match the idea of being 'stylish' and being 'well off' lifestyle everybody is seeking to communicate.


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