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Papaioannou, N. (2015). Personalized Bag Charms. Available at: http://trendsurvivor.com/best-fashion-week-street-style-trend-personalized-bag-charms/ (Accessed 25 Oct. 2015).

The idea of making something into one's own identity or something that tells other people about yourself is always intriguing. To own a bag that's 'customized' for you means that nobody else is going to carry the same thing. Anya Hindmarsh incorporates this customization into her stickers collection, which she's earned over $18 million dollars from the stickers alone since SS15 collections. The sticker itself has nothing special. They are just alphabets and cartoon characters for the customers to add their own creativity into the bag, as if they have a part in designing the bag itself because these stickers are permanent. Likewise, because Hindmarch's stickers are so successful, now, Proenza Schouler is starting the similar customization scheme to boost its sale but changing from stickers into pins where the customers can change the location of the pins whenever they want, giving them from a room for creativity, while the price of the pins are more a little bit more expensive then Hindmarch's stickers.

People are willing to spend more of these accessories even though they don't add anything to the bags in terms of the function. The customers feel like they have a contribution to the product they is using on top of the well-known design that's already there. The experience of being special among other people who buy the same thing is truly a business strategy to boost sales.

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