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H&M, (2014). Alexander Wang for H&M. Available at: http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2014/10/16/alexander-wang-hm-full-collection-pictures-launch-date/gallery/1275400 (Accessed 25 Oct. 2015).

Mass produced clothing stores could be find almost everywhere in the world nowadays, so the idea of exclusivity and owning a limited edition is alluring. H&M constantly collaborates with famous designers to produce special collections that are still mass produced but are limited editions. Once they're sold out, they're gone. Therefore, for those people, who get to own those exclusive items, they're in the premier group because of the design's limitedness. Also, the way these special collaboration is advertised heavily in the media before it actually goes out, everybody would recognize some of the garments even though they may or may not care about fashion. The media helps boosting how special it is for people to be owning the collection. 

This is a business strategy that It is guaranteed that the collection would sold out in contrary to the normal seasonal collection in H&M. The price of the collaborative collection is also much higher than the usual collection as it is considered an 'affordable designer product'. So, people are willing to pay more and queue up overnight to be purchasing the designer's items that would surely be in trend and more affordable to them. 

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