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TheCoveteur, (n.d.). Kelly Framel - The Coveteur. Available at: http://www.thecoveteur.com/kelly-framel/ (Accessed 25 Oct. 2015).

This photo shows the wardrobe of Kelly Framel, a fashion blogger, Thegalmourai.com. If I were to see this image alone without knowing whose wardrobe it is, I would for sure say that this person owns too many clothing. There are so many similar heels sitting beside each other on the upper part and so do the bags, which are all expensive brand names, I believe. Even the clothing itself, there seems to be a couple of similar things like black dresses on the right section. 

Clearly, fashion is something that Framel consistently buys to update herself and to be 'stylish' as according to what job she's doing. The amount of clothes she owns is too much for it to be called necessity. 

Fashion is transience, and so this reality forces people who are working in this business having to update themselves accordingly to the trend in order to be 'in' fashion. Fashion business is a 'planned obsolescence (Lipovetsky, 2006)', which is the mechanism of the business; the idea of being out of style makes fashion a commodity because a style doesn't last forever. Fashion is commodity because once the old style dies, the new items, the new 'it' garment would keep coming out every now and then for the consumers to stay in fashion forever.

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