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Photographs taken by me (20 Oct. 2015)

Big posters and LED screens could be found almost everywhere in Westfield whether in the front of the store with poster and window display or fashion images inside the store itself. The constant visual bombarding sometimes made all of them become invisible to me because I see too many of them that I didn't even care to pay attention to them anymore. Unless, it's something that I'm interested in. For example, I thought about going into Pink Victoria's Secret Store when I saw the poster on display at the side of the store and the mannequin in displayed because I thought I haven't been to the store for so long and I wanted to check out the items inside. 

Within hundreds of images seen, there must be some that make the people stop and pay attention to them long enough that they would like go to into the stores and check the items out. 

Aspect of fashion

It's undeniable that fashion is made to sell at Westfield. Every interior design, every image or display that are put out into the public eyes are for the shoppers, for them to feel the urge to go in and shop whether the products are cheap or expensive.  Fashion photography is a tool to bring people buy fashion products, which is the whole point of Westfield, a business to sell fashion.

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