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Ernesto Neto's work reminds me of the early stage of the costume I created in Reveal. When initially trying to create weighted hands out of tights and birdseeds I firstly just tried pouring the seeds in the tights which created the exact same effect found within these installations. 

It is interesting to see that Neto's main theme is the senses and the effect he can have on these with the installations he has created, because my piece was somewhat focused on the tactile sense due to the costume having the purpose of weighting down the arms of the wearer and causing them to feel heavier with an inability to move comfortably. My project is therefore like a more focused and individual approach to what is also being portrayed in Neto's work. 

Research into these installations has made me wonder how I could henceforth expand on my costume beyond the brief to create something even more body-altering; either in the tactile sense or expanding the effect to other senses. If i were to affect vision of the wearer this would make them even more-so in-tune to the weight they are under, as when vision is impaired, our other senses immediately heighten through compensation. I could equally enhance the weight through addition of more stuffed tights and explore the effect created if these were worn all together as a body suit. 


Looking at Neto's work also inspires me to discover what kind of abstract environment could be created from a combination of local/cultural influences and tradition in where I am from (like he did for Brazil). It is interesting to explore the human senses through a contradiction of what is man-made and organic in such a way that equally portrays art and architectural development within a certain culture. 

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