Reading "Sculptur in the Expanded Field" by Rosalind Krauss


  •  the meaning of a word "sculpture" changes over time; i think of a sculpture as social constraction (a concept that has different meanings in different time periods and societies; created and define by society)
  • "physical manipulation of sites" seems to me as a very organic pratice; the artist uses natural resources as his medium and by manipulating them he/she adds artificiality to the nature
  • Rihard Lond; "mark making" is considered as a part of sculptural pratice but for me is more of a drawing discipline as the artist draw/mark the surafce of a landscape in the same way as drawing on a piece of paper
  • I see "the expanded field" as sculptural theme of endless possibilities, a theme that is about finding the right balance between "architecture" and "non-architecture", "landscape" and "non-landscape"


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