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This morning I finished off my costume by adding the skirt. I found this quite challenging as I was unsure of how to create something with an impact which still represented a fragility in the back and protection in the front of the garment. I tried placing pieces of white card across the bottom of the bodice however was not satisfied with the effect it created as it was very flat.I therefore bent a fairly strong straw to help the skirt stick out in order to create a more dramatic shape and feet of protection. I kept the back open however in order to continue representing the fragility in the back (I used tissue paper to create a skirt). 

In the afternoon we set up the exhibition and got to see everybody's work and leave comments or questions. Some people wondered if the protection of the face at the front was also to conceal identity (which is in essence a sort of protection) and people equally said they liked the play of different textures. I found it very useful to receive feedback from an outside view as it always helps one see their work much more objectively. If I were to repeat this project or have longer to complete it I think that I would emphasize the protective aspects of the piece to create a larger contrast between the latter and fragility. 

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