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After having drawn plenty of different textures out using different mediums and techniques, we were to select a texture and create a small box set reflecting the feel of this texture (not the look). I chose to use the drawing I created from the feel of tin foil as inspiration, because I liked the energy of the drawing I created and how jagged it looked. I therefore used many small metal wires and created an unwelcoming box full with spikes sticking out from the walls, creating dangerous jagged surfaces. The atmosphere created was hence uninviting and repellent. Using either the 1:25 or the 1:50 model had different effects due to scale, and I think that the most effective was using the figure of 1:50 because it made the environment even moreso overwhelming. It was also interesting to play with light and see how the wires reflected shadows gloomily on the walls. Light made the atmosphere not only unwelcoming but also very ominous and dark.  

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