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Seeing what everyone else had created was very interesting; some were very similar to their original models whereas others completely deconstructed their models to rebuild one from scratch. I found that both of these methods proved to provide very intriguing and effective results.

Feedback received:

  • Simplistic, lighting makes it powerful as if looking at the sun
  • By opening up the space the use of lighting has an entirely new effect --> less dramatic but more intense
  • Effective way light affects the piece. What if it changed colour?
  • Going in to the horizon. Simplistic, very effective. I wonder if the tunnel was darker how the atmosphere would chance; I like your ink drawing
  • Nice contrast between the spatial space and …? It captures the intention as the more light reflect between the person and the space itself.
  • The use of light is pretty fantastic. The evolution of the piece is very interesting. By de-cluttering and getting rid of the string the space seems a lot larger. It looks like a still from a James Bond movie, it is intriguing
  • I like how you kept the same shape but changed the complete feel of the piece at the same time, making it now look ordered and spacious
  • I also like the simplicity of this piece. I think the rubber bands are good for creating texture. They almost look organic, like branches or straw which I like a lot, however, because it is simple and ordered, it also looks almost clinical and manmade which is a nice contrast I think. Very cool.
  • I like how you framed the man facing the light and I love how the whole space is like a lantern and makes me feel really warm by just looking at it.


Overall there were different emotions evoked within different people, however they all somewhat related to something opposing a manic environment: "ordered", "spacious", "warm". I therefore think that this was quite successful and really taught me how the use of scale, space and lighting can be controlled to change the atmosphere of an environment drastically.

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