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This feedback was quite useful, particularly when we were assigned to actually create the model with the opposite atmosphere using only the materials from our previous models, but not discarding any of them either. This was very challenging at first thought because it was difficult to imagine creating something opposite with the exact same materials and little time. However, I liked my initial idea of the tunnel with the light at the end and received positive feedback on this idea. I realised that one does not have to completely alter the fundamental design/core in order to create a completely different atmosphere, as already simply adding light to the model completely changed this. I therefore decided to remove the poles and string from the tunnel in order to make it vacant and thus not manic at all. However, needing to use the same materials I decided to place the poles at the sides of the tunnel almost as a clear sign of which path to take (although there is only one). I also decided to cut a frame out of the end piece of the tunnel in order to shine light through easily. When adding light through the large hole, the effect was very interesting because it lit the entire end of the tunnel. It created an almost symbolic piece relating to finding the light at the end of the tunnel; I find that this works well as a contrast to the previously manic environment because it is almost like saying, the viewer is through the craziness of their hardship and has found the light at the end of the tunnel; they are through the difficulty.

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