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We began class by discussing our three drawings in our groups ad receiving advice from them. When creating an atmosphere opposite to 'manic' I thought mostly of still and peaceful environments with lack of (bustling) activity. My three ideas (seen above) were essentially: 1) a long tunnel of open space with light shining in at the end (2) an elevated platform like a mountain/extended cliff on which the view could sit above many little lights (as though viewing the earth or a city from above) and (3) a dome in which the viewer could sit, alone, in the middle as if underwater (like on the inside of an aquarium.

When discussing these ideas with my group, I received some very interesting feedback. They overall quite liked all of the ideas and how they conveyed tranquillity however had some ideas. A first idea was to combine the tunnel and elevated platform in such a way that the tunnel would become larger and larger towards the end. I was also told that the way I had drawn my second idea actually looked somewhat manic due to the mark-making used to create the platform. This allowed me to realise that even if I was just abstractly representing the platform, the emotion conveyed plays a large part in the understanding of the overall idea and that this must therefore be in accordance with what I am aiming to provoke in the viewers/the emotions I am trying to portray. Someone suggested that, starting from my original 'manic' model, I could create the opposite atmosphere simply by removing the strings. It was then suggested that I could pull the strings up and to the ceiling or make them look like leaves on the trees, as this would create a much less manic environment due to the strings no longer being in the way or making the space busy.

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