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When displaying the images taken of the models on full screen it really helped us imagine them full size, thanks to the picture making us look like we were part of it and looking into the model. It was quite amazing to see and picture ourselves in all of these different environments that we created in a very small scale but looked very real when projected in such a way. It therefore also allowed us to fully visualise how well we depicted our chosen atmosphere and what possible changes we could make to either portray a different atmosphere or improve the design or lighting. I found that people were very impressed with the shadows in my piece created due to the rounded tunnel roof and lighting coming from the end of the tunnel however I feel like this created a somewhat more intimidating vibe as opposed to manic. Perhaps to create a more manic environment I could have many spotlights coming from the roof or create a dark environment with low light on the ground level, or even red lasers as red can be seen as a somewhat threatening colour (hence causing stress, adding to the mania).

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