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We each had to make our own model of our interpretation of the idea formed within our groups, or a model form of one of our own original ideas (without using colour). I decided to merge one of my original ideas with what we came up with as a group and create a tunnel (inspired by the underground train tunnels) in which there would be large tree-like structures in between which people would weave while attached to string. At first I tried making the trees out of grey card and wooden splinters/sticks however Marie suggested I group some wooden sticks together tied with elastic bands to be more efficient with my time. When I tried this, the outcome was actually very interesting because it created texture trunks which someone resembled bark anyways. Constructing the model was not too difficult and was quite a fun exercise that allowed me to play around with scale and model making which I had not done much of before. Because we did not use any colour either nor concentrated on texture, the emphasis was placed really on shapes and scale.

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