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My group and I decided to use King's Cross' architecture as inspiration to create large tree like structure. We then thought of the idea of everyone having to weave their ways in and out of these trees whilst attached to string or something that would leave their trail visible behind them. The idea was then that if people went through at the same time it would be difficult to both avoid each other and weave around the path that they have created themselves. By the end there would be this manic web of paths made by participants which would be very difficult to get through and create a stressful, almost crazy environment. To me this played on the idea of everyone bustling around each other and not taking the time to care about others' paths in life, yet if we were to visualise it we would find that while everyone has their own unique path, for some it will be easier to reach their end destination whereas others would find it much more difficult as plenty of people before them have made the path harder to get through. Despite this, everyone is trying to make it to the same end destination, despite taking a completely unique path to get there.

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