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After having chosen this idea we were to create it in life-size. Because we could not create large trees with lack of space, materials and time we created a somewhat scaled version of this that people could still go through by using table legs as the trees. We hence asked people to crawl under the tables with string attached to their waist, and weave in and out through the table legs. After a few people there was already a web and it became more and more difficult for participants to get through (the more people had gone before them). People found it very difficult and almost crazy of a task, as it rendered quite strenuous. We tried playing different types of music, ranging from the Mission Impossible theme tune to upbeat songs. We found that songs with a fast pace made people more stressed to complete the path quickly whereas other music was more encouraging. I think that overall we succeeded in creating an environment that all of the participants found relatively manic, as they proved quite relieved once they had finished going through the installation.

I think we worked really well as a group because even if we all had different ideas from our observational and abstracted drawings, through communicating all of our ideas individually and then discussing them as a group we were able to combine many ideas successfully to create what we ended with. I think I am gradually making more and more progress in group situations and group-work thanks to mixing groups with each project and getting to know the various people in my class. I always value listening to everybody's ideas first and then combining so that nobody's thoughts are left out; I think that this method allows for the best result to be found as what will come out of the discussion will be a synthesis of the best parts of many different ideas.

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