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After the presentation, in groups we received an adjective to describe an atmosphere and were to go do observational drawings of spaces we thought reflected this atmosphere.

  • "man·ic


1. Full of or characterized by frenetic activity or wild excitement: a manic fiddler; the manic pace of modern life.

2. Psychiatry Relating to or affected by mania."



When thinking about 'frenetic activity' we decided to go to King's Cross station to do observational drawings of this atmosphere. While it wasn't as busy as we'd hoped, we went onto different levels and drew the crowds from different perspectives and used the environment to create quick observational drawings. I tried to incorporate an element of movement in my drawings because, what truly made the large crowds of a train station manic was the fact that everybody is moving so quickly to get somewhere, without looking at where they are going or without much care of pushing through others.

After having completed these observational drawings we abstracted them and extracted the elements that stood out to us. I created drawings using tape and watercolours; adding plenty of colours to me created a more overwhelming and somewhat manic feel as one is obliged to take in everything at once.

In the same groups as before we were then to think of an installation/set that would portray this environment, whilst thinking back to our initial atmosphere and observational drawings. We each discussed our own individual ideas and then chose to combine these whilst discussing new ideas together and bouncing off of each other's feedback to create a solution.

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