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Reflective questions:

What do you want to reveal?

  • A feeling of weight in the arms, an inability to control her limbs/the inability to move them or lift them up. I think that the costume was able to convey this relatively successfully as the performer did not even need to act this inability out due to the costume's direct limitations on her movement. The lack of strong core to the arms and heavy birdseeds collecting at the bottom meant that she could not lift her arms up to have her hands towards the ceiling; they would always droop.

How can it transform the body?

  • This costume transforms the body in such a way that it elongates the arms and makes them larger/bulkier and heavier. It additionally binds the arms through the chain and restricts their movement through weight and distance from each other they can achieve. 

How can it be used as a prosthesis?

  • The costume I have created is in essence already a prothesis because of the arms created which are two extra limbs. 

How can it give you character or alter your character?

  • It altered the character's entire posture/movement which is a fundamental part of character and personality. This costume therefore completely changed the initial character/performer by hindering her arm movements 


I am happy with what I achieved during this project as in the beginning I was slightly stressed because I thought it would be very difficult to make a en entire costume to restrict/alter movement in the short amount of time we had. When we got around to brainstorming and creating the initial ideas I had no idea as to how I would create something to suit the brief. However it became much less stressful when I discovered that we were to create a costume for someone else's personality/what they want to reveal about themselves, because then I was simply able to take in the information given to me and work from that. It also helped me a lot to take notes, brainstorm and sketch things quickly in order to visualize my different options. My partner gave me a very distinct idea to work from, which, while restricting my possibilities, provided  me with a clear starting point. She provided me with the idea of long, heavy arms to be dragged and from there I thought of using rice and tights; I eventually found and used bird seeds however through experimentation I finally succeeded in creating the costume fit for the brief. At first it did not work well at all because the seeds just created spherical sacs at the bottom of the tights as opposed to what could pass off as hands. I therefore had the idea of the cardboard cutouts which worked quite well when I tried. Throughout the entire creation, experimentation was my most helpful tool as it is what allowed me to progress and end up with both hands and the chain looking as successful as they did, and they were very much appreciated overall (by the audience). 


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