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In the morning we worked on finishing our costumes and finalising the performances. Once I finished both hands and lengthened the chain I drew out a storyboard in order to visualise a potential performance piece for the costume. I initially thought that it might be successful for the performer to be burdened by the chain half way through the performance as opposed to immediately in order to see the contrast between normality and the weighted arms however when we practiced this performance it did not work very smoothly and was not quite effective. Our tutor, Kate, suggested that it would be more effective if the performer started off with the chains. We equally explored the idea of her shaking the chains off but did not like it as much.

In the end we had her starting on the ground with the long heavy arms almost handcuffed in the chains and she would swing them around, dragging along the floor trying to understand and comprehend the weight, finally succumbing and falling back to the ground.

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