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Following the creation of our costume, we drew the figure on a person on a landscape page. After drawing the person with the costume, with or without modifications/additions, we drew the background scene in which it would be found. My partner and I both imagined a forest environment, the costume's purpose being for a film (versus performance/installation). We then had the choice of whether or not to add red, blue or yellow to our image and then discussed with our partner whether or not we would add one of these colours to the costume itself or the original image from which it was produced (aka. the background). We discussed the possibility of adding blue to the background to emphasise a sad, dark environment or possibly dark red to show a more aggressive environment, although in the end we did not apply any colour.  

Afterwards we were put into groups to place our costumes together in a scene/display. It was very interesting to see how costumes could be grouped despite completely different paths taken to achieve the final piece. My costume was placed in a group with two others and we put them in a circle back to back with lights shining up from below them (as a display). It was interesting contrasting it to another group which had very historical-looking costumes that reminded one of royalty or a type of event in which gowns or decorated garments would be worn. They were contrasted in that their group was very matriarchal whereas ours was very patriarchal and this contrast was created by the shapes and forms created within each costume and where volume was added (i.e. shoulders which created a more manly feeling whereas volume around the hips was more feminine).

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