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 As a class we then discussed everybody's drawings and the atmospheres or feelings they evoked for us. When discussing our drawing people said that it reminded them of the forest and that it gave them a feeling of being in woods. It also evoked a sense of darkness somehow, however it astonished me that people got a feeling of the forest as the texture I had drawn in the beginning was in fact of wood. Despite it having been abstracted and enlarged to a much greater scale, the atmosphere somehow still remained. This was quite a surprise as it did not happen with any other textures however it was also very thrilling. We then drew our large drawing into our sketchbooks, creating a more concrete image of our figure and the costume he was wearing.

Following this, in 40 minutes we were instructed to create the costume life-size out of only paper and tape. This was somewhat challenging as we both saw our costume made of leather and cloth/cotton whereas paper and tape does not fold in the same way at all, and it was therefore difficult to create an accurate representation of what we imaged through these materials. Despite this it was an interesting exercise in costume construction as we were to quickly represent something using limited materials and were therefore put under a pressure which allowed us to perform quite well and quickly.

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