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Investigation into form and ways of seeing

Rodney Smith - works with old technology in regards to photography; a lot of his work is captured moments to do with scale (very simple)

To use a magnifying glass is to pay attention, but isn't paying attention already having a magnifying glass?





Akiko Ikeda (snapshots from a magazine and stands them up)

Their sight, your sight 2007


Models used as part of the work to communicate a concept to manipulate space or shape


Robert Wilson's devising techniques


From sketch model to final model


Slung Low, Helium, 2008

Small Worlds, 2008


Theatre replacement, BioBoxes, 2006

Maurizio Cattalan, Lift, 2001

Theatre like art is a biological function, it's just like every day every minute


Teresa Serrano, Vanishing City, 2001

Daniel Dorall, Lemmings, 2008

  • Show small narratives
  • The Inversion Theory, 2011


David Dimichele, Pseudo Documentation, 2007

  • Using proportion of the space he is showing us allows us to understand and see the piece


Ralph Koltai, Madame Butterfly, 1995

  • Used found objects as part of his design process


Anselm Kiefer, working with metal (found parts)

  • Man under a pyramid, 1996
  • Work about scale
  • Don’t know how big something is until you see the piece
  • Margarette, 1981


Robert Parke Harrison, The Architect's brother, 1999-2002

  • Elaborates stories and creates these sets
  • Every man struggling in his fight to save the world from environmental issues
  • Using scale as part of the subject matter


Doris Salcedo, Shibboleth, 2007/08

  • Irreversable Witness, 1995
    • When going close and close you can see so much more (little bits of hair stuck to it, embodyment of the memory of that piece of furniture)


Is this concrete?

  • Looking closely at concrete

Vincent Bousserez, Plastic Life 2007


Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, Yes Men Fix the World, 2009

Seven Sisters Group, Concrete, National Theatre Foyer 1999


Delving into tecture

Molecular image of textures; glass, wood, plastic, metal

Maria Blaisse, Onda 1996

Lucy McRae, Ghost Skin, 2010

  • The body as being material for the creation of work; skin (enlargement of what skin might be like)

Robbie Spencer and Gary Card

Jason Barnhart

Julia Fullerton-Batten, Teenage Stories, Chewing Gum 2008

  • Creates models and stories in these little villages

Ason Barnhart Curious and Curiouser

Workmen in Snow


Nicholas Cobb, Revolt of the workers

  • Building site

Graeme Webb, Bleak House, 2010

Ritta Ikonen, Snowflake and Baltic - 2007/08


Magnification of ice crystals

Robbie Spencer and Gary Card, 2010

Mareunrol, Nightmares, 2011

Levi van Veluw, Landscape 2008

  • Landscape painting away from the 2D and into 3D

Otherwordly - 2D into 3D


  • Narrative, sites between fashion and fine art and narrative (Yoshiwhatnot)

Lygia Pape, Divider, 1968/2005

Guy Limone, 2586 Figures, 2002

Michel Gondrey, the science of sleep

  • Upscaling to bring in absurdity


Lizzie Oxby, Extn21, 2003

Daniel Ojari, Obscura, 2008

Corinne May Botz, The Nutshell Stories of Unexplained Deaths, 2004-09

  • Forensic applications (models built by francis glesna lee), old models that recreated crime scenes

Paolo Ventura, Winterstories, Auromaton (2011)

Emily Speed, Inhabitant

  • Much more fine art based, conceptual, psychological space being worn
  • Are you safe if you cannot see?


P.de Boissy

Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton


Arthur Tress, Singing Chair, 1977

Rita Ikonen

Jack Arnold, The Incredible Shrinking Man, 1957

Jason Barnhart, Apple Harvest

Slincachu Relic, 2008-ongoing

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