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I found that Richard Long and Do Ho Soh had certain similarities, both seemed to focus on creating a memory of a space. They both created atmospheres which conveyed the essence of what they once were. The materials they used and environment it was placed in had a certain lightness which helped to create a sense of mobility or lack there of and the nature of time. Both artists also played with life scales, Do Ho Soh recreated her home to its exact measurements. 

I was also very intrigued by the Numen Collaborations, I found them be great interactive installations and the fact that their spaces were inhabitable created very interesting atmospheres. They created spaces which evolved into abstract landscapes, for instance STRING VIENNA played with perception; you were able to play in geometric cube and the superficial white space allowed you to defy the laws of scale and perspective. TUBE INNSBRUCK created a tube made of safety net and elastics, "pulsating" and "convulsing" participators out as they went through the installation. TAPE HASSELT also created a magical reality using and warping tape, where onlookers could experience being within an abstract cocoon or web, thee transculent nature of the tape also added to this effect.


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