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Since I was getting such shocked expressions whenever people (of which there has been many) have asked me if I've been to Brick Lane, I decided to go there as my unfamiliar location. Additionally, someone on the tube a couple weeks ago told me that I should visit a bakery on Brick Lane called Beigel Bake, which is apparently very popular amongst club goers at the end of a night out. I've been around Shoreditch before, but for some reason had just never been to Brick Lane. I got off at Shoreditch high street and walked to Brick Lane and down the street to the more Bangladeshi end. I noticed a lot of the signage and lights along the way. There were also a lot of fluorescent colours everywhere and tons of street art. There was an eclectic mix of the more skateboard and vintage hipsters and then more people traditionally dressed from the more bangladeshi end that was quite interesting. I picked up some flyers they were handing out, visited some of the vintage shops and found a cool photography awards that I went to as well. I also, of course, picked up some of the recommended bagels before I left. 

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