Manfredi Beninati


Untitled, 2008,

oil on canvas,

cm 120x90


Untitled, 2008, oil on canvas, cm 90x120

  • dripping streaks of paint is what attracts my attention; they blur the backround in a very delicate way creating this amazing illusion of space which makes me feel like I'm looking through the streaks of paint to see the rest.
  • first painting makes me think of a peaceful night and a moonlight shining through a window
  • perfect balance between the subjects in the painting; variety of things painted but they have been somehow united and nothing specific is distracting my attention
  • I would take from this work the idea of layering and overalapping as these techniques can help me achieve a illusion of space which is what usually keep me interested in many paintings
  • Also, I think that developing a collage under a theme of imagination could be exciting because it is a very open topic that allows to create anything and possibly encourage more creative thinking and consideration of unique ideas; imagination fit well with the project brief and is all about fiction which could be explored in spacial aspects of the collage


"While juxtaposition can be used in terms of formal elements - for example, the use of agressive mark-making in contrast to an area of very controlled shading, or an area of crisp detail against something softly handled, it more often refers to concepts or imagery."




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