Ugo Rondinone: 'clouds + mountains + waterfalls'; Exhibition

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  • some of these abstract forms remind me of human figures. Each sculpture consists of few rocks and it seems to me like a rock represents one part of human body. For example, the sculpture made of blue, black and white rocks has some human like qulities; blue rock-legs, middle-chest/stomach and rock on the top-head. There is no direct representation of human figure but these could present abstracted human forms.
  • the most intersting aspect of this collection is an artificial arrangement of the rocks. It is ironic that the smallest rocks are placed at the bottom or in the middle of the structure holding much bigger rocks. This makes me wonder of how the artist achieve to create "unstable" but stable works. They all look very solid and steady but I would think that huge rocks on the top would naturally fall of. So even though, this collection is visually simple, this ironic compositions add to it exciting andintriguing qualities.



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