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tw1975 (2012) John Berger / Ways of Seeing, Episode 4 (1972). Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jTUebm73IY (Accessed: 11 October 2015)
This episode from documentary series by John Berger questions the role of advertisement and its consumers. The video mainly deals with fashion images and how they functions as advertisement for fashion as commodity. Advertisement represents the 'perfect' state of the society by portraying 'glamour' or the way of life that the public aspire to achieve. 'The state of being envied' as John Berger explains, is the idea of wanting to be accepted by the society and the idea of us fearing of being 'undesirable' and 'unenviable'.
Advertisement portrays fashion as a lifestyle/attitude, which is something we can't really buy with money, but the publicity makes us think that if we buy that certain product, we would at least gain popularity or be closer to living that specific lifestyle we hope for. In other words, 'the publicity image steals her love of herself as she is, and offers it back to her for the price of the product'. 
To put this attitude of high fashion brands into public eyes is like selling products on catalogue. It's the need to be envied that drives people into believing in all the brand campaigns and eventually buy the products (in this case, fashion garment) to become 'cooler' or to be more accepted.

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