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so what makes a good blog/online magazine?

1. define your magazines niche

A niche is simply the topic which your magazine will be focused on. You may decide to write about fashion, digital trends, business, gaming, or quite literally any other topic. If you hold a deep enough interest in a topic to launch a magazine and write articles about it, odds are good there’s other people out there interested in reading. Never worry about your market size being too small or too large.

2. align your cardinal goals 

What do you hope to accomplish from the launch? The end result is generally a large enough profit to peacefully live on but there has to be more. What are your true passions? In what activities do you derive most of your interest and curiosity?

3. keep plenty to write about

The amount of knowledge you already hold on the topic is irrelevant. With so much information available at just the click of a button even an hour’s time is plenty to research and grow your knowledge. The true defining factor is how passionate you are to research these topics and write about them. 

5. imagine your perfect design

Keep ideas written down for what your ideal design would look like and if you can’t launch with it plan to get creative in a few months after you know this whole blogging thing is for you. Borrow elements from physical design magazines. Inspiration doesn’t need to come directly out of the Internet just because that’s your medium of choice. In fact, trends in physical magazines can easily be carried over into the digital world. Another simple exercise you may consider is checking out your local bookstore or magazine stand.




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