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finally i went to the Louis Vuitton ‘Series 3′ exhibition, which is a multi-sensory exhibit designed to take guests through the inspiration behind Nicolas Ghesquière’s Fall 2015 collection. (‘Series 1’ for Autumn/Winter 2014 was exhibited in Shanghai and Tokyo and ‘Series 2’ for Spring/Summer 2015 was exhibited between LA, Beijing, Seoul and Rome.) The exhibit spans 13 rooms, each depicting a different aspect of the designer’s mind, from the geodesic dome structures built for runway shows to Accessories Gallery, featuring Marte Mei van Haaster’s multiple accessories from the Fall 2015 collection.

i particularly enjoyed the ‘Infinite Show’ where the 50 looks from the collection are projected onto 25 double-sided life-sized screens, which gives visitors a close-up view reminiscent of the front row at their show.

An exhibition highlight is that as you move from room to room, discovering the brand’s history (such as in the CAD room featuring replicas of the original suitcases with graphics of shoe designs and rotating walls) it stimulates a trippy, almost drug-induced experience. It’s clear to see where the current creative director gets his inspiration.

The Artisan department is a live-action display where attendees witness an actual artisan from the LV atelier (along with a translator) painstakingly creating one of their highly coveted bags.

One Instagram-friendly addition to the exhibition were the wall-crawling statues of the White Room and we do mean white! The glacial neutrality of the colourless statues skilfully allows the featured shoes and bags to be the centre of attention.

the whole exhibition has become one of my absolutely favorite ones because every single thing was very well organized and thought through starting from the room designs and ending with the live action display where you can actually see how the real lv bags are being made. i also thought that the whole exhibit is a very new innovative way of marketing because first of all it's free and secondly the whole show therefore gathers millions of people which mens that some of them will definitely get a lv bag after the exhibit and over some time lv will cover all the losses made earlier. in terms of artistic point of view, all the projections and displays were very eye pleasing and esthetically beautiful. a lot of modern technology was used and some examples of old bags were displayed as well. the atmosphere of the louis vuitton has fully absorbed me!

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