Alice Anderson exhibition 27sep

"Their funeral wrappings glisten fierily in the spotlights that pick them out in a theatrically darkened space. All our yesterdays are here, the things we use and throw away, lost and found in spidery cocoons. Alice Anderson wraps things in copper wire. It is a banal description of an art that gets some very curious and uncanny results" by the Guardian.

i have never seen something so beautiful in my life, that exhibition was something so different from what you see, especially because alice uses such normal every day objects that we see in all the time e.g. bikes, phones, stairs etc. when you just walk into the exhibition room you see someone wiring around a car with non stop movements, which is done in order to represent how memories are being created all the time and then they stay with us forever. i also came to the conclusion that alice also relates her work to her fascination with science and particularly the brain, among other things, and that’s why it is here at the Wellcome, where all the scientific exhibition can be seen. this whole idea of brain and memory reminded me of the book i was reading last year. there was a lot on the psychological theories about memories and events that are being created by humans. we have short term memory and long term memory which duration is infinite therefore i think that in this exhibition we could see a clear example of these long term memories being created. the wire is wrapped around objects, which are everyday objects so wee see or use them everyday. therefore we create memories connected to them and the whole concept of repetition is what makes long term memories appear. therefore by wrapping around the object with a copper wire over and over again alice creates memories. on other hand, as a personal minimalist lover, it was very eye pleasing to see monocoloured background like black or white and the same color of copper wire which was accurately done on every single object.

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