Paul Stroper 31 Museum Street 26sep

oh my, i love london! you can just walk around and find some private art galleries that are not less interesting than the most famous galleries. so today was one of those days when i saw a small exhibition at paul stroper on museum street while exploring the centre of london. there were several interesting pieces of work and i uploaded the ones that i liked particularly the most. the first one is linocut printed in colours, i liked this piece because it reminded me of my own technique that i use: lines and stripes, so its like a graphic pattern with no shading and only the number of lines actually make the picture more or less realistic. i also really like the choice of paper, with is not plain white but instead quite beige. i think black and beige look very matching together. the second picture or even a pair that i liked is by reece jones, in this i think that the idea of the author is very inspiring, i mean there is no head and i would say something like this looks very scary but instead i find these pictures pretty, maybe that is due to the texture the author decided to give to those characters which is in fact quite fluffy and seems really soft. the choice of color is nice as well. black goes with pink! black goes with every colour..

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