ai wei wei

this link was very helpful to get the main concepts of Ai Wei Wei's work, here is what i found particularly interesting:

-Ai makes interactive art is by using the internet. Ai Weiwei has incorporated socialmedia platforms such as Twitter into his work, which can be a social engaging form of installation. He works with his art in such a way as to incorporate social interaction,communication and within methods that can shock an audients and provoke a reaction.

-Weiwei has used aform of activism in his art, with political ideologies that exist because of the Chinesegovernment. He also uses a sense of memory and the countrys past and history. Most of his artinvolves the public and their outlook of the government.

-Ai Weiwei tells us that “For me, the Internet is about how to act as an individual and at the same time to reach massive numbers of unknown people”

-Weiwei also created the installation so that it would become an interactive piece, in which the public could interact with the seeds and that would enable to become a socialenvironment.

-The use of social, political, and cultural context can create an important part of socially engagingart, because it forms a collaborative spirit within the community. It creates a much stronger forcewithin the public that speaks on behalf of injustices, and it uncovers historical concerns that onecould relate too.

after reading this article i spent some time talking to one of the guys in my group who is from china himself and he told me more about the chinese government and that weiwei's art is forbidden in china. i found it particularly interesting and useful that in my university i can gain such information from primary sources such as people from my class, thanks csm for that!

the best part is that Ai's exhibition is starting soon in Royal Academy of the Arts, therefore i will definitely visit it to fully understand this artist and maybe his work will be useful in the future as well.

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