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Making the life size model got a little complicated, as we were imagining a very large open space, we couldn't understand how to scale it down. After discussing with Gary, we decided to create an alternate model, which would still convey the atmosphere, using the studio tables and chairs and instead of walking we crawled. This scale gave the installation another perspective which was interesting to see, the cramped size and lowered height managed to make the atmosphere even more manic. Restricted by size we could only allow one person at a time to enter the MANIC TUNNEL, we tied string around their waist and then they could create a their own personal map around the legs of the table. As each person went through, more and more string would be added, finally creating a maze. It was actually a lot of fun, and everybody enjoyed going through our tunnel of chaos. To help create a pumped up atmosphere we added music, we played soundtracks such as Crazy Frog by Axel. F and the Mission Impossible theme.

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