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Based on our spatial study we each came up with a few design concepts for a space, we then discussed our inspirations and ideas with other students in the same group and collaborated to form a single IDEA. We had all gone to Kings cross station together so we had similar inspirations - we were focused on rush hour mania - navigation - creating individual pathways. Together we elaborated and then were asked to create a life size model in the studio. Our idea was to have an interactive installation, a space similar to an urban forest filled with abstract trees, and each person/participant/performer was attached to a string and could map a pathway around the room - almost as if leaving a memory or trace of his path. The more people who create their paths, the more complicated it becomes, similar to an obstacle race. Ideally there would be limited time as well, which would help create a rushed atmosphere, this could be aided with pumped up music. This could be very interesting as a performance if choreographed well - perhaps a musical or dance. 

We also researched various artists in relevance to this, I focused on work done by Richard Long, Do Ho Soh and the Numen Collaboration.

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