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Today we began the project Transform by reading through the project brief and then looking at a variety of different artists and how they use sets to influence perception and performance.

Presentation notes:

Atmosphere of spaces

  • Looked at various images and described atmospheres
  • Car in the dark with headlights, deserted abandoned boat and shack (relic of past industry), abandoned train station (close to normal but little bit different, unnerving, eery), rainbow



Richard Long

Richard Wilson (Turning the Place over [2011])

  • Distorts reality, makes people question where art can be experienced

Gordon Matta-Clark

  • Changing perception of a building or a room

Do Ho Suh

  • Missed her home town - memory of space
  • Recreated her house in a light fabric (memory of a place as opposed to actually being there)

Mike Nelson

  • Recently vacated caravans, feeling of the person that had just been living there, memory of the past occupant

Michelangelo Pistoletto

  • Abstracting drawings he had done

Numen Collaboration

  • Cellotape creation
  • Becoming part of the installation

Thomas Hirschhorn

  • Amount of tape - smell of tape = overpowering

Mona Hatoum

  • Light sentence
  • Moving light creating everchanging shadow - sense of imprisonment and confinement

Ernesto Neto

Yayoi Kusama

  • Based on her view of herself as a small dot part of all these other dots
  • Infinity Mirror


Raining inside his palace etc. - King Lear

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004) - Michel Gondry

John Baldessari

George Rousse

  • Stand directly in front to see the image

Christoph Büchel

  • What is an art piece, what can happen in a gallery
  • Multisensory interactive exhibition exploring perception and decision making

Martin Creed (lights on lights off)

  • Exists only as a set of instructions

Miroslav Balka

  • Deprived of sight, sensory deprecation

Chiharu Shiota

Robert Wilson

  • Scale and precise lighting

Antony Gormley & Sidi Larby Cherkoui

  • Monk performers boxes used for a variety of different functions (set, costume)

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