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After a while of making we got back into our pairs and joined another pair to discuss all of our projects. We described what we had done so far and what we were planning as well as the movement each piece was supposed to create, along with the materials we had used and why, etc.

Discussion of my piece, notes:

  • Long, heavy arms to put weight on wearer's natural arms
  • Made from tights (used because of elasticity and resemblance to human flesh (colour)), bird seeds (for weight) and miscellaneous materials such as thin wire and hot glue (for practical purposes)
  • Was not too happy with the outcome so far
  • Received positive feedback on the creation so far
  • - Appreciated effect created by the bloated, odd look
  • - Looks interesting when dragged
  • I decided to equally try my original thought of large chains wrapped around the wearer's arms and dragging on the floor to add weight

After discussion and after having tried to create the arm as best I could, I wanted to explore a different route by going back to one of my initial ideas (the chain). I therefore took sheets of paper and folded them into links to create a chain from, and it ended up looking quite successful. At first I had been very unsure as to how to make something look like a chain without access to metal or other materials however once I just tried it, I was very please with the result.Through speaking with my partner and trying both on her, I decided that it would look very interesting to combine both of these elements into her costume and therefore simply need to create the second arm and add a bit more to the chain in order for it to be longer. Additionally, the chain strongly helped portray the initial emotions briefed to me by phoebe of having weighted arms and helped the piece become clearer to an external audience.

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