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Today we began by making our costume/prosthetic for our partner. I had initially imagined using something such as rice and stuffing tights with this in order to create long weighted arms. Upon shopping I found bird seeds and thought that this might work even better. I therefore tried to put plenty of bird seeds into the tights and see the effect that this created however all of the seeds simply pooled at the end and did not look like hands/arms at all, but rather grotesque. I therefore decided to try creating a cardboard cut-out of a hand to put inside of the tights hoping that the form would impact the way the tights' foot was shaped enough for it to work with the bird seeds. I had this idea as I remember that sometimes socks or tights have a cardboard foot cut-out inside of them and thought that this may work.

After cutting out the first hand I tried to put it into the tights' leg however the fingers were slightly too flimsy to allow for this. I therefore reinforced the cardboard with some hot glue from the glue gun which worked quite well. However while the thumb worked relatively well, the rest of the fingers looked webbed. I wondered if there was a way of making them look more three dimensional and so tried wrapping a thin wire around the thumb and put it back into the tights to see the effect. It actually looked really quite good and three-dimensional however I was afraid that it would not work very well for the other fingers as if I filled the tights with seeds, it would still all turn into a large lump. Therefore I decided to try sewing in between each finger in order to avoid the seeds from filling those areas and so that the fingers would fill up. This worked somewhat well however it was difficult to fill the fingers with seeds after the material had been stitched down.

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