Jim Lambie

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Wooden chairs, handbags, mirror, gloss paint

Dimensions: 216 x 350 x 270 cm

This work is similar to Gander's steel sculpture as it includes objects of same features combined together. The structure form the left give me an impression of stability and steady arrangement whereas the other structure looks more unstable and chaotic as if bieng in a state of collapsing. I prefer the image from the right as it is in opposition to gravity force which I find more visually exciting than the cube-shaped structure. Both arrangements makes me think of the stages that the artist went through to create such composition. I guess that a bottom-up approach was used for both. However, the structure on the right appear to be done in a more careful manner and has a feel of hirachical levels. Wheras the composition of left sculpture has no hierarchal order within itself, its elements are evenly spread on each level.



Phuture, 2001

Leather glove, buttons and wire
10 x 5 x 4 inches


Bedhead 2002


 - decorative style; how the use of buttoms changes ordinary objects into nice decorative artworks

- understanding of the process that the artist went through

- repetition: process of sewing hundreds of multi-shaped and multi-coloured buttons onto a mattress

- theme of covering











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