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After having created these ideas for our own character traits, we discussed them in pairs. We were then to select one trait to describe to our partner in order for them to develop and create a costume for. The trait I chose to provide was the one of a hunched back (due to work, etc.) as I feel that this has a very distinct form which can be explored well through movement and costume. Phoebe and I discussed the possibility of portraying this through a costume which would pull the back down towards the legs by somehow attaching them, thus not permitting the wearer to lift their back to a straight posture. After discussion we equally thought of the idea of piling many boxes (each representing a different responsibility or stressor) on top of the wearer's back burdening them directly with a heavy weight on their shoulders. After our discussion we arrived at the idea of a train of boxes being dragged behind the wearer and causing a heavy load to carry in such a way that it must be dragged.

When discussing Phoebe's character traits these were my initial notes from her first idea:

  • Weight in arms
  • Arms as the heaviest thing to lift when dancing
  • Visual representation of heavy
  • Tights stuffed (with rice?)
    • Handcuffed effect
  • "When I'm angry or feel lethargic my arms feel heavy. I've generally got short arms so I wonder what it would be like to have longer arms"
  • There is a point at which long arms would become a burden as opposed to something helpful
  • Freedom or too much long arm - binds you
  • Feeling irritated

We therefore thought of a costume which would consist of two very long, heavy arms attached to her own which would cause her to drag them along behind her on the floor. I initially thought that it would be interesting to weigh down her arms with large chains which would also emotionally show the feeling of being trapped but also the heaviness placed on each limb.

We then discussed what an extension of an arm could be like if we for example used nude tights stuffed with something like rice. We quite liked this idea therefore I think I shall experiment with the materials tomorrow and render whether or not this could be effective.


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