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After having completed all of our drawings and exploring the different planes of movement both with our bodies and in 2D, we all went through each plane again with our bodies, exploring the movement after further thought and reflection from the first time. I felt that doing this truly helped profound the knowledge we had learned about the different planes and movements that occur on each one and that the second time around it was easier to comprehend and thus to be freer in our movements.

We then had 15 minutes to draw what each plane felt like to us, and allowed us to reflect on how we could represent an emotion attached to movement in 2D; we could alter the medium and thickness in order to emphasize different strengths of emotion or hardness, and the organic or more geometric nature of the image could show the ease or freedom felt on each plane.

My drawing for the fist plane (door plane) is simply like a person restricted in a frame, however I tried to add strong bold marks to the drawing in order to show that while movement is restricted on this plane, it may equally be very strong. On the wheel plane, the movement is broader than that of the first however it is still very lateral. For the final plane I imagined the birds eye view of the movement that would be created by continuous spiral/pirouette movements. This drawing creates a much lighter and more frivolous emotion which reflects what I felt whilst moving on the table plane, as our movement was completely free and not so much restricted in where we could travel across the room.  

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