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Today we watched all of the performances and reflected on them together directly after each performance. 

After having performed our piece, we received feedback from the entire class:

Feedback notes

What people understood from the performance:

  • Theme of childhood
  • The inability to have children 
  • Child that died
  • Sadness on the mother's part that her children are leaving
  • External force, perhaps God, perhaps a close up of the mother herself
  • Childhood being taken away
  • Loss of innocence 

What was thought of the performance:

  • Good use of depth and silhouettes 
  • Good timing (with the music)
  • Not rushed, fit well 
  • Thematically worked well with the music (Loss, Childhood, Melancholy)
  • The song title Even Now - the mother as trying to have children for a long time and 'even now' she still cannot
  • Theme of time 
  • Importance attached to the size of the egg; the importance of the egg to her has grown with time as does the egg

According to this feedback the class therefore understood the performance very well. While we more literally used the image of fertility we wanted room for interpretation as to, for example, what the external force could be, or even how the theme of ‘Loss’ is interpreted in each viewer.

Our group worked very well throughout the whole process and did not actually have any misunderstandings or disputes on how to visualise our interpretation of the music. While we each began with different views and representations in our minds, we easily worked together to create our universal presentation. I think that this was because while we thought up different narratives in response to the music, we had shared themes of loss and sadness/melancholy.

Sometimes we had different ideas of how to perform a part in the piece and we therefore decided to try each method and evaluate together which worked the best. For example when we agreed that the external force should snatch up the children, away from the mother, I suggested that we choreograph it with the real performers to look as though they are being taken away. Another idea came up of creating a person cutout and have the large hand snatch that up, to make it look much larger and more powerful. Because we could not decide which to do, we thus tried both and found that the small cutout was not practical and could not be seen very well when using the screen. We therefore carefully choreographed the actions during that particular part in the performance for it to look real. 

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