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As an independent study day, my group decided to come into school to practice and rehearse our performance as well as fine-tune it with finalising touches. After a lot of experimenting and practicing the routine throughout the day we came up with the final version of our performance piece (see storyboard to the left).

We start off with a feeble spotlight in the centre of the screen which the mother walks into, slowly with her head down as though she is sad. The large hand then enters, giving her the egg. As this happens the light becomes much brighter and covers the entire screen. She holds up the egg, lovingly, as if it is what has been missing for her entire life. Hands begin to edge in eerily and the mother retorts by keeping the egg close to her and cowering away from all of the monstrous hands. Her figure becomes larger and larger and a blackout follows. From the blackout an egg emerges, much larger than before with the mother watching over beside it. The large hand comes again, not so ominously this time and taps the egg, causing it to crack and hatch. Membrane-covered figures begin to emerge and grow from the cracked shell as the mother acts nurturing and caresses them. The hands then come back eagerly and with fingers hooked like a claw, ready to snatch the hatchlings. We tried to create more of a conflict between the external force and the mother by having them almost battle over the children before the force takes over and snatches them away, leaving the mother lost and hopeless. As the light dims down, darkness coming in from the top of the screen, she is pushed down and stays kneeling among the empty shell pieces left. 

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