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We equally wanted to try experimenting with different textures in front of the light for both the membranes coming out of the egg and for various lighting effects in general. When trying to find our original plastic bags for the membrane we also came across cling film as a possible material and when experimenting with it found that it created a very interesting texture in front of the light. While it was slightly more translucent than the plastic bin bags, it looked slightly as though it were separated into small different cells, like a membrane would be. We therefore decided to use a mixture of both this material and the bin bags for the membrane which rendered very effective as a whole. 

We furthermore experimented with water in front of the light and dropping ink into it to see if we could show (as a shadow) the ink propagating into the water symbolising the egg as the planting of a seed (as in fertility). Through experimenting we found that the water created a very interesting effect however was much too difficult to control and took more people than we had for the performance to operate well, and so we could not use it despite the interesting shadows it created.

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