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Following the lesson on storyboarding we were instructed to create a still image from our performance in order to represent the overall meaning/themes. Whilst discussing this my group and I agreed to create the scene where the egg is hatching, however in order to equally show the external forces getting ready to snatch away the ‘children’, we also included a couple larger blurred hands around the outside looking ominous and dark. Through trying to create the still when working in the White Room we found a variety of different effects that could be added into our performance and thus developed it even more. When standing in front of the projector I was able to create darkness on each side leaving a thin frame of light in the middle. We found this very interesting and thus decided to try out such a framing effect for the beginning of the performance with the light we were actually going to use. We ended up creating a small spotlight in the middle of the screen that the mother could walk into, and found that when receiving the egg, getting rid of this spotlight would represent the egg as the light that was missing from her life.

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