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The first thing to think of when creating a storyboard is the frame and so we looked at different aspect-ratios typical of film and theatre (seen in notes). We were then to apply this knowledge to a practice storyboard of a “man walking up the stairs” and share our storyboards with the rest of those sitting at the same table. It was really interesting to see the difference between each and every storyboard resulting from the exact same instructions as people chose different camera angles and chose to show different narratives/reasons as to why the man would be walking up the stairs. Some also used a very simplistic style with little shading whereas others used more freeform and sketched drawings. The end product from this exercise was overall to understand how to clearly communicate a narrative or action through a clear storyboard. For example we were shown that it is important to space the frames correctly in order to clearly show a chronological order (typically left to right and top to bottom) for the viewer to understand easily.

From this we were assigned to draw a storyboard showing the various steps to our performance (seen below).

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