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2h In the first part one would see the woman's silhouette walking in from stage left, looking down at her feet (showing sadness/melancholy). A large hand representing some superior force would come in from above her and offer her an egg which she grasps with motherly affection and holds to the sky. Various hands/vague blurry figures would begin to reach in towards and around her as she protects the egg worriedly. A blackout follows, and we are suddenly brought a close-up of the egg which has gained in size and the mother is still beside it. The large hand from the first scene reaches in and delicately taps the egg which cracks and thus begins to hatch with organic, humanoid figures covered in a membrane; these eventually break out as the mother nurtures them. The outside force comes back violently this time and tries to grab the children however the mother fights it off. It returns more powerfully and forcefully takes them away, leaving the mother completely alone and devastated on the floor. After a moment, another hand (just as in the beginning) comes in with a new egg. 

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