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4 Overall the groupwork went extremely well and was very smooth. With open communication, everybody managed to express their ideas and partake in the conversation at all points. I feel that we were very much open to everybody's ideas and that as a consequence of this, our ultimate performance idea is at a much higher point thanks to everybody's individual contribution than it could have been with less people and less collaboration. Due to everyone's different views and perceptions, these combine to create something quite particular. We were able to discuss and work together the entire day which allowed us to experiment a lot with different materials and lighting as well as positioning of the performers in regards to these aspects. We therefore advanced quite quickly and already have props as well as a complete storyboard timed to our selected music as well. 

Working in these groups was very enjoyable and was truly quite successful. We took many videos and photos in order to visualise different aspects of our performance and seek improvements. This was fairly favorable as we could not simultaneously perform and view the performance. Tomorrow we will hopefully go through the entire performance to music and thus fine-tune, adjust and perhaps add to it in order to perfect it to the fullest. 

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